How to Set Up Your Home Office for Freelancing

October 7, 2017

If you are planning to make your home the base for your freelancing desk, you need to get it right first time and create a professional working space that benefits you personally. Here are just three basic tips to get you started:

Draw Up a Critical List of Items and Allocate your Desk

This will usually compose of something like a desk, chair, computer and phone to start. Then there will be those other items that are perhaps also essential to the role you intend to perform, such as additional desks to work on, filing cabinets and even extra chairs for client visits.

Once you have this list, you will them be able to decide how much-dedicated space you will need for your office area. This should ideally be a quieter part of the home with some level of privacy, away from other household members.

Establish Some Office Hours

You will more than likely have chosen to freelance for its flexibility. However, you will need to deal with customers who may work a more standard working day, and therefore you will be required to be available for such hours. However, by implementing some form of structure or routine into your day, you will get more work done than by merely just waking up whenever and hitting that desk.

Ensure a Balance of Workspace and Storage Space

The more organized of home offices will ensure better productivity alongside a more professional vibe. This means planning for plenty of storage space to store necessary files and supplies, alongside allowing an area to spread out and work. This organized space should work to meet your needs and should also be readily accessible.

Ultimately, your home office should make you feel inspired and motivated to want to sit down and start a new working day every day of the week!

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