Marketing Tricks for a Small Fast Food Shop with Great Ambitions

December 11, 2018

If you are a small fast food shop that wants to be the next KFC, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into marketing. This industry is huge, generating over $570 billion a year. And the competition rate is insane here, especially considering multimillion fast food chains that span the world. Your biggest chance for success comes from creating a unique brand that people will fall in love with. Hence, the focus on marketing, especially via social media and local ‘grapevine’.

Top 3 Ideas on How to Market a Small Fast Food Restaurant

#1: Create a ‘Persona’ and Market It Through Multiple Channels

Your brand must stand out, and this means it has to have a unique ‘personality’. This doesn’t mean you have to create some fictional character or use a real person as your marketing symbol. Although, many renowned brands do exactly that, like KFC with Colonel Sanders or McDonald’s with its Ronald McDonald clown. You can use anything to turn into your mascot, for example an animal or some fictional character, like a smiling taco.

Your online ‘persona’ must have a distinctive style. This means not only design but also writing style and perhaps even some catchphrases. You should give it a ‘voice’ that you can spread through your online channels. For example, your Twitter account can send out daily tweets about the aforementioned taco’s adventures in the restaurant.

#2: Use Surveys to Connect to Your Customers

A fast food restaurant strives on customer service, so it’s essential that you deliver stellar service. But to do this, you need to know exactly what your customers want and what they like or dislike about your current business. Surveys are an excellent tool to connect with customers and get their honest opinions. They provide data that’s far more accurate than the info from general market research.

You should use a variety of surveys to collect different types of data. However, be careful not to go overboard with them to increase your chances of getting feedback. You definitely should use the customer satisfaction surveys like the one that asks people to share the KFC experience. Use it as inspiration to come up with the list of questions to include in your own survey. Studying this example will also help you better understand what kind of benefits you can get from using this tool for studying your customers.

#3: Get Involved in the Community Life

A fast food restaurant should focus on local marketing first and foremost. And one of the main elements of your success is winning community’s goodwill, so participating in and sponsoring local events is a wise marketing move.

You definitely should support local charities and spread this information through your social media channels. If possible, organize your own events, like fundraising for local shelters. Or you can run a program that allows every customer to contribute to some important social cause, like paying for a meal that will be given to a person who cannot afford it.

Supporting causes like this does not only enable you to make the planet a better place. This attracts people who want to contribute to those causes right to your restaurant. Thus, in the end, you end up making a bigger contribution.

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