What We Can Learn from Retired Employees

April 11, 2018

There was a time when retirement was eagerly awaited, as it meant stopping and shutting off to the world of work and just waiting around to find something worthwhile to do with all that new found free time. Cut to today, and a clear majority of people in the business world that I come across are in fact dreading this time of their lives for that exact thought!

When you have worked in an industry for so long, learned all there is to know, and got all those wonderful qualifications, it must seem hard to just have to one day stop. However, what I am seeing in the profession now, particularly amongst women, is the strike back of retirement; those employees who refuse to quietly fade away into their retirement years and sit around letting their decades of knowledge and expertise go to waste.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find many people of retirement age choosing to retrain rather than actively retire.

Find a Course and Begin Again

Gone are the days when college courses were for young students fresh out of high schools. Now there are many establishments which prefer mature students over unexperienced ones merely due to the extensive skills and background they bring to such subjects.

There are Master’s and Ph.D.’s that are commonly taken by the more mature of candidates to focus on a specialism. Distance learning is also an option as it allows you to aim for the same qualifications and study the same material but at your own pace and, more suitably, wherever it suits you.

You can even self-teach yourself by self-study. With so many YouTube videos on almost any subject you can think of and lots of literature available across the internet, you could also be learning a new thing every single day of your life for the remainder of your retirement phase!

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