Ideas to Consider If You Want to Travel and Make Money

November 22, 2017

Those of you who read my blog will know that I love to travel and write about my experience here for you all to share. This is one area that I get many questions from people keen to discover whether they can travel and still work at the same time, thereby earning money in the process.

While I do not predominately make my money from traveling, I have worked with many who do find a way to enjoy travelling all over the world while earning money in the process. Here are two ways that could be a viable option for you to investigate further if you are interested in this exciting opportunity and enjoying writing.

Become A Travel Writer

Do you know of any magazines or blogs who are looking for travel submissions? Travel writing involves writing an article and selling your piece to an interested travel magazine, online or offline, or a specialized blog. This is a great way to experience a country and then get paid for the pleasure of relating your experiences back to a broader audience!

However, with so many people realizing the massive potential of such roles, you need to be able to find where the work is and perhaps be prepared to offer something alternative when compared to the usual travel stories such magazines and blogs receive.

Become A Travel Blogger

A travel blogger is different to a travel writer in that they write about their own experiences and journeys on their own blogging platform, thus drawing traffic to their site. This then leads to monetizing the site by way of adverts and sponsors.

The trick when travel blogging is to create awareness around the uniqueness of each trip you take and build a large following to sustain your traveling adventures. Make your blog as different from others on the market and have fun blogging about your experiences while making money in the process!

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