Can Freelancing Ever Be Considered A Viable Career?

November 9, 2017

I’m often asked by many interested people, whether I consider myself to be on a career path just because I happen to freelance. It’s a question often posed to many freelancers, primarily by those who believe that you cannot possibly make freelancing a long-term success.

With so many schools and colleges ignoring the freelancing route as a career option when discussing potential careers outside of educational establishments, it’s little wonder people don’t take freelancing that seriously. However, I’m here to tell you that it is a viable career option and that both men and women have been successfully following this career path for decades!

Freelancing Allows People to Do A Job They Enjoy

Imagine getting up and working on a job you thoroughly enjoy, every day for the rest of your working life? That’s what it feels like as a freelancer as you do a job which you want to do, not something which you are told to do. This significant difference means you make every effort to ensure freelancing is a career path, not just some whim. After all, with something this good, why would anybody want to change such a career as this?

Freelancing Allows People to Develop Quicker

Freelancers develop more specialized skills due to having to play the part of many roles as they must wear as many hats as possible, and juggle as many balls every day they work. This means they become highly skilled and develop a knowledge and mindset that wouldn’t perhaps be obtained as quickly when working for someone else. This is the spur that many freelancers require to develop freelancing into a sustainable career.

Above all, all freelancers know they are in a good position, and this gives them the determination to stay on the freelance path, making this career work for them. Freelancing gives you a positive attitude towards the world of work; not many career choices can lay claim to such a truth!

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