4 Important Essentials to Include in Your Boardroom Rental

July 18, 2018

When clients are coming to town or you are gathering new employees for training, your home office is not the best setting. You’ll find that many providers of virtual offices in Toronto also have access to conference or boardrooms that you can use for classes or meetings. If that’s something you could put to good use, make sure the space you rent includes these four important elements.

Boardroom Size

When you need to rent a boardroom, remember to always allow for a little more space than you think is needed. It’s true that you could rent a smaller boardroom that’s designed to accommodate four or five people, but it won’t take long for the space to feel cramped. That’s especially true if you plan on doing something like having catered meals brought in for the day. If you allow what is considered sufficient space for a few extra people, the room will seem more expansive and inviting.

Internet Access

Always ask about the availability and the speed of the Internet connection. While most virtual offices in Toronto include the service in office rental, make sure that connection is just as stable and speedy in the boardroom. If part of the meeting or other event will include checking out certain websites or accessing a presentation that you have stored in the cloud, the last thing you need is a connection that constantly stops to buffer or stalls altogether.

Presentation Equipment

Think of what sort of presentation equipment you need for the meeting and find out if you can rent a boardroom that includes the things you want. Perhaps you need a projector that will connect to your tablet and a large screen to display documents or slides that you want to share. The best approach is to provide a list of equipment you need prior to the rental and confirm that it’s included in the basic rental rate. If not, you want to know reserve it in advance and know how much that additional equipment cost rental will cost.

An Excellent Speaker Phone

Even if you don’t plan on making any inbound or outbound calls during the event, there’s a good chance you will end up making at least a couple. Just as high-quality speaker phones are a must when renting virtual offices in Toronto, they should be found in the boardrooms. Before the meetings begin, test the phones and make sure you know how to set the volume for events like audio conference calls, and that the phone is not positioned directly under an air vent. Doing so will enhance the sound quality and avoid some of the more common issues that arise on those types of calls.

If you need to rent a boardroom for a day or a week, there are providers who are happy to work with you. Make sure you know what features and amenities it will take to make the meeting successful and find out what spaces are available. With a little planning, you and your guests will be comfortable and the event will proceed smoothly.

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