27 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a Dirt-Cheap Electricity Bill

June 5, 2018

Electricity isn’t cheap. As of 2013 (the latest statistics available), the average U.S. household paid $110 a month for their electric usage. No matter where you live, there are some ways to save money on your electricity costs. Here are 27 ways you can save money on your electricity bill by reducing your total usage.

  1. Don’t leave your electronics in standby mode. Most home electronics, such as cable boxes and modems, have a standby mode. Eliminate this by plugging them into a power strip.
  2. Use dimmer switches on all overhead lighting fixtures. Dimmer switches only take a few minutes to install and can considerably cut down your electricity usage. After all, a dimmed light uses less power.
  3. Take advantage of everything a ceiling fan has to offer. Ceiling fans cool rooms down and allow air to circulate, preventing your air conditioning from running incessantly.
  4. Change your air filters twice a year or more. You should change your furnace and air conditioner filters twice a year. A dirty air filter makes your appliances run harder, using up more power.
  5. Allow your dishes to air dry in the dishwasher. Believe it or not, your dishes will air dry in the dishwasher just fine. You’ll also save money by running the heat option uses up quite a bit of power.
  6. Lower your water heater temperature. Turning the temperature down can save you money each month, and you’ll still have plenty of hot water for your showers.
  7. Purchase Energy Star appliances. Energy Star appliances are designed to be energy efficient, hence their name.
  8. Use a programmable thermostat. These thermostats allow you to set the temperature in your home, thus using less electricity.
  9. Turn down the heat in the winter. You may need to throw on some extra blankets at night or wear a heavy sweater around the house, but you’ll save money.
  10. Set up outdoor motion detectors. Running outdoor lights can be costly, especially if they are on all night. Using motion detectors can save you money.
  11. Put your additional refrigerator in the basement. A basement is an ideal place for them since they’ll use less electricity in a cool basement.
  12. Update your home’s insulation. A well-insulated home will stay at a regulated temperature, thus making your heating and cooling appliances run less often.
  13. Only preheat the oven when necessary. You’ll save at least a few minutes’ worth of electricity, depending on how long it takes for your oven to heat up.
  14. Allow leftovers to cool before storing them in the fridge. Placing warm leftovers in the fridge makes your refrigerator’s cooling mechanism kick in.
  15. Install solar lights outside your home. These lights come with smaller panels that are easy to install and don’t run off the power grid.
  16. Use LED lights wherever possible. LED lights use less power than fixtures with standard bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs last for a longer period of time.
  17. Put a timer on your water heater use. If you have people in the house who take long (and expensive) hot showers, then put a timer in the shower room. Once the timer runs out, so should the person in the shower.
  18. Clean the coils on your refrigerator. Your refrigerator needs to be kept in top working condition, or else it will suck up power as it keeps its contents cool. Cleaning the coils helps quite a bit.
  19. Put storm doors and windows on the outside of your home. Storm doors and windows will help seal your house.
  20. Consider using a tankless water heater. These new water heaters don’t store hot water like the old kind. Instead, they heat up water only when necessary. Your electric and/or gas bills will go down quite a bit.
  21. Only put full loads of laundry in your washing machine. Obviously, washing machines use electricity. You can save some money by only washing full loads whenever possible.
  22. Know what your off-peak rates are and take advantage of them if you have any time of use meter installed. If you wait until off-peak hours to do things like run the washing machine, you’ll save money.
  23. Plant trees and shrubs outside of your windows. Shade-providing plants can keep your house cool in the summer, preventing you from needing to run the air conditioning constantly.
  24. Put a ceiling fan in your attic. Depending on the season, a lot of hot and cool air escapes through your attic and roof. A ceiling fan can keep air circulating, preventing some of this temperature loss.
  25. Minimize the use of the clothes dryer. If you can, hang your laundry to air dry. The less you need to use the dryer, the less power you’ll need.
  26. Fill your refrigerator and freezer to the brim. A full refrigerator uses less power than a half-empty one since there’s less air circulating. Keep your fridge and freezer as full as possible.
  27. Request that your electric company gives you an energy audit. Many people don’t realize that their electric companies provide free energy audits. They’ll come to your house and give you tips on how to save power. Scheduling one and following through with their instructions can save you money.

Reducing your total demand will, of course, reduce your total electric bill, but don’t forget the easiest way to save!  Lower the actual price you pay per kWh.  Visit a pricing website like UtilityDiscount.com and then contract for the lowest cost of supply.

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